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Nini Chen
hi there ! i'm nini. i very love my mom, and very love my daddy ~ i LOVE my family ^^ i have one bro and one sist , i like sleep and eat something delicious :D find me at : facebook : Nini Chen Twitter : @ninichenn
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Minggu, 26 Februari 2012

ini adalah tugas bahasa inggris yang merupakan tugas pertama yang aku dapetin pas pertama masuk ke Semester 2 di Binus University ~ sambilan buat introduce my self ke para pembaca,whahaha
tugas semester 1 ga sempat aku upload,karena dulu masi jarang banget update blog. hehehehe
mana tau ntar tugas2 yang aku upload disni bisa dijadikan referensi oleh teman2 smua  ^^ hihiih

check it out ! 

About my self
My name is Erlini. My family and my best friends usually call me Nini. I was born at a small town, named Tembilahan. I study at there for 12 years (SD,SMP,SMA). Now, I continued my study at Jakarta to find more knowledge. Now, I’m studying at Binus University , and I took Information System as my major. I was born from a simple family, but I can find my happiness there. I can find a harmonic family. Although my family only consists of 5 people, but here, really, I can find a tremendous happiness. I’m really happy to born in this simple family. We often shared our experience that happen that day while we ate together. My mother is the woman who never give up and always have a spirit to do something. And also very love her children. And my father is a man who always work hard to get income for his family. Beside that, I have one sister and one brother. My sister take Chinese Literature in Binus University, now at 6th semester. And my brother also graduated from Binus University, exactly from Computerized Accounting’s major.
Now, I spend my life at here, Jakarta. A big town that I will try to find my happiness. I spend my life at Jakarta, just like another students. Try to be a responsibility student, committed to what I have taken and do all of my obligation, like do all of the assignments that have been given by my lecturers.  Sometimes, I will spend my time to rest, like reading a comic, online, watching television, hang out with friends, sleep, and so on.
And I have one habit that can’t be lost from myself, usually before I sleep I will always hear some songs from mp3 or radio. I like do this before I sleep . This habit have been straight in my life since long time ago. But, after I hear some songs, I will fall asleep faster.
That’s a little bit about myself I could tell. Be happy 


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